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Death Note

Grazie al ritrovamento di un quaderno soprannaturale che dona a chi lo possiede il potere di uccidere chiunque, uno studente inizia una strenua lotta contro il Male con l'intento di governare il mondo come se fosse un Dio benevolo. Ma il suo tentativo viene osteggiato dalle indagini di un detective solitario che farà di tutto per fermarlo.

_Death Note_ – _★★★★_

While different from the anime, and surely the manga, Death Note is an enjoyable adaption. If you watched the anime, you know that the series’s first episode titled “Rebirth” starts out in the Shinigami Realm. We unfortunately do not see this scene or ever visit the Shinigami Realm but I think that’s just fine for this adaption as when we meet Ryuk for the first time, it’s so cool and terrifying at the same time. The film didn’t feel rushed despite having a fast pace but I never felt lost. In addition, the killings were gruesome. Also let me just say Margaret Qualley is bae to unbelievable max. Her Mia Sutton (originally Misa Amane) is just UGH <3 Nat Wolff was actually fairly decent as Light Turner (originally Yagami). Keith Stanfield L different but not totally in a negative way. And expected, WILLEM DAFOE AS RYUK IS PERFECT! Source TMDb

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