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Forever Young

The lawyer Franco is an adrenaline septuagenarian, passionate practitioner of sport and specifically Marathon. His life changes when he learns who is about to become grandfather came from his daughter Marta and his son-in-law Lorenzo and that his physique is not so indestructible. Angela, a beautician by 49 years, has a love affair with Luca, 20 years, opposed by the mother of him, Sonia, her friend. Diego, Middle-aged radio DJ, must deal with the years going by and with a new, young and fierce, rival. George has 50 years and a very young girlfriend, but the wow factor with an age of 50. Who will choose when will be cornered?

A lawyer won't get off the fast track. A beautician pursues a much younger man. Comedy ensues as these middle-aged friends refuse to act their age.


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