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I Kill Giants

L'adolescente Barbara Thorson, abbandonata dal padre in tenera età e con una madre gravemente malata, è quotidianamente vessata a scuola da un gruppo di bulle, che ne deridono l'aspetto e le abitudini stravaganti. Nel tentativo di fuggire alle difficoltà della vita, la giovane intraprende un viaggio avventuroso fuori e dentro di sè, combattendo in un mondo immaginifico popolato da giganti che vogliono distruggere l'umanità.

A lonely, bullied middle school student who is viewed is an outcast 'weirdo' harbors a dark secret: at night, in the forest, she slays giants.

The CGI beasties were pretty cool to behold, unfortunately they were a pretty minute part of this movie, which is absolutely not what it was marketed to be. Now I’ve got no problem with a movie subverting expectations, but _I Kill Giants_ didn’t offer up enough within its alternatives to come away with a whole-hearted recommendation from me. What it does have is intermitantly interesting, and although I was a little disappointed, it was very far from the worst film I’ve seen all year.

_Final rating:★★½ – Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._
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I Kill Giants (2017)
Rating: 6.3/10 (15,473 votes)
Director: Anders Walter
Writer: Joe Kelly (screenplay by) Joe Kelly (based on the action graphic novel "I Kill Giants" created by) J.M. Ken Niimura (based on the action graphic novel "I Kill Giants" created by)
Stars: Madison Wolfe Zoe Saldana Imogen Poots Sydney Wade
Runtime: 106 min
Genre: Drama Fantasy Thriller
Released: 23 Mar 2018
Plot: Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters.