Troppo Napoletano is available in: Italian [Original] on Netflix Italia

Troppo napoletano

When her ex-husband, a popular neomelodic singer, he loses his life jumping off the stage to do stage diving, Debora worries about her 11-year-old son Cyrus. The little boy seems very upset, to the point where you don't even eat the Sunday sauce anymore. Anguished mother takes him to Thomas, shy and clumsy childhood psychologist. But the doctor will find that it's not just the loss of his father that upsets Cyrus, how much rather his first amorous anxieties. The two will make a pact: psychologist will help the child win over his beloved classmate, while he will help him to get engaged to his mother..

A lovesick boy makes a deal with his shy psychologist: Help him win the heart of his school crush, and he’ll help the man woo his widowed mother.


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